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بتاریخ 21 اگست 2009  (ماہِ رمضان)ـ خزائن الہدایت کا دوسرا ایڈیشن شائع کر دیا گیا، جس میں بہت ساری نئی خصوصیات شامل کی گئی ہیں اور پچھلے ایڈیشن میں موجود مسائل کا ازالہ کر دیا گیا ہے۔ بتاریخ 21 نومبر 2009 ـ بفضلِ الہیٰ سافٹویئر خزائن الہدایت کو انٹرنیٹ پر نمایاں پزیرائی حاصل ہوئی اور 15 دنوں کے قلیل عرصے میں اسے 3500 سے ذیادہ لوگوں نے داؤنلوڈ کیا۔ پاکستان کے کئی نامور سی ڈی پبلیشرز نے اس کی اشاعت کے فرائض انجام دیتے ہوئے سی ڈی اسٹورز پر فراہمی شروع کر دی ہے۔ بتاریخ 2 نومبر 2009 ـ سافٹویئر خزائن الہدایت کا پہلا ایڈیشن ریلیز کر دیا گیا۔ انشاءاللہ تعالی بہت جلد یہ سافٹویئر تمام سی ڈی اسٹورز پر بھی دستیاب ہوگا۔

Khazain-ul-Hidayat (The Digital Qur'an)

Khazain-ul-Hidayat is a software application to read, listen and research within Al-Qur’an-e-Kareem. The software & all its resources are free and is purely aimed to spread teaches of Al-Qur’an. It’s a world’s first software of its kind for presenting Al-Quran. This contains many features that was never introduced before, specially its words, letters ETC counting system. The software is easy to use and provide its users many accessibility options to customize. Following are the contents & features, available in 1st edition of this software;

  • Unicode based Arabic Text of Al-Qur’an-e-Majeed in Indo-Pak Script (Barr-e-Sagheree Rasam-ul-Khat) with all signs, exactly as they are in manuscripts

  • Unicode based Arabic Text of Al-Qur’an-e-Majeed in Uthmani Script with all signs, exactly as they are in manuscripts

  • Kanzuliman: Most authentic & accurate, idiomatical translation of Al-Quran in Urdu Language by “Imam-e-Ahlesunnat, reviver of Islam & respectful scholar Aala-Hazrat As-Shah Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi”

  • English Translation of Kanzuliman by Mr. Shah Farid-ul-Haq

  • English Transliteration of Al-Qur’an

  • Khazain-ul-Irfan: Comprehensive Annotation of Kanzuliman and authentic & concise commentary of Al-Qur’an in Urdu Language by “the inspiration of many scholars Hazrat Naeem-ud-Deen Muradabadi”

  • Other Qur'anic Books include includes Tafseer Al-Jalalayn & Tafseer Ibn-Kathir (Arabic)

  • Smart Search Engine that try observing your expectation from your written text and give comprehensive result for your search string from all available or selected books

  • Carefully calculated,  verifiable & detailed words, letters & other signs counting system

  • Recitation of Al-Qur’an-e-Majeed in the most listening voice of Qari Abdul Basit Abdul Samad

  • Another beautifully recitation of Al-Qur’an-e-Majeed in the voice of Qari Abu Bakar As-Shatri

  • Audio of Urdu Translation Kanzuliman

  • Built-in Audio Station to listen Al-Qur’an & Urdu Translation with different options

  • Fonts, Views, Skins customization

  • User can add more Qur'anic Books using Add-on feature

  • Quick reference look up (jump to) (e.g. 110.2)

  • Different options to navigate through Al-Qur’an-e-Majeed

  • Statical List of Surah (Chapter), Parah  (Parts)

  • & Many more including Bookmark  & List of Sajda Ayats

The software has been developed in collaboration with the team members of Dar-ul-Uloom Muslehuddin, Karachi. “Hazrat Allama Molana Syed Shah Abdul Haq Qadri Noori” s/o “Sheikh-e-Tareeqat, Rehbar-e-Shari’at Hazrat Allama Molana Shah Turrab-ul-Haq Qadri”, Administrator of said Dar-ul-Uloom puts his personal attention to the project and helps us solving the issues. Just after completion of software, it was first of all presented to Hazrat Allama Syed Shah Abdul Haq Qadri Noori, in return he congratulate team members of Cleantouch Software Corporation for the completion of this research based project and committed to provide his continues support in further projects.

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